Hello, I have a linear integer programm in Cplex, and I have to test it with several instances, I need to generate random instances. I want to generate integer number in CPLEX and memorise them in a table, how can i do it? I must use randomseed in the file ".dat" where i have to define the value of my table with this random generated numbers or in the file ".mod" where i have to declare my table? How to use this function? or there is another function more adequat to my request? Thanks for your answer!

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im not sure i understand your question but this must be normally done before calling cplex. so, use the function to generate random numbers in the respective language that you use to write the model. For AMPL, this link might be useful http://ampl.com/BOOK/CHAPTERS/10-params.pdf

(21 Jan '16, 10:04) crypto

thanks a lot for your answer, surely this link will be helpful for me.

(21 Jan '16, 10:18) sanabou

Hi, actually I cannot work with Cplex, But I suggest you to use CVX-Solver (based on matlab) I bileave CVX is a best solver for LP, and you can easily use randi function in matlab. CVX is available in cvxr.com


answered 25 Jan '16, 05:28

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As far as I known, CVX is not a solver? As I understand it, it is a modelling system using the MATLAB solvers for optimizing convex optimization problems. According to the Mittelmann benchmarks MATLAB is about 10 times slower on LPs compared to CPLEX and Gurobi.

(26 Jan '16, 03:07) Sune
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