Hi all, I'm glad to inform you about new release 0.33 of our completely free (license: BSD) cross-platform software:


  • cplex has been connected
  • New global solver interalg with guarantied precision, competitor to LGO, BARON, MATLAB's intsolver and Direct (also can work in inexact mode)
  • New solver amsg2p for unconstrained medium-scaled NLP and NSP


  • Essential speedup for automatic differentiation when vector-variables are involved, for both dense and sparse cases
  • Solving MINLP became available
  • Add uncertainty analysis
  • Add interval analysis
  • Now you can solve systems of equations with automatic determination is the system linear or nonlinear (subjected to given set of free or fixed variables)
  • FD Funcs min and max can work on lists of oofuns
  • Bugfix for sparse SLE (system of linear equations), that slowed down computation time and demanded more memory
  • New oofuns angle, cross
  • Using OpenOpt result(oovars) is available, also, start points with oovars() now can be assigned easier

SpaceFuncs (2D, 3D, N-dimensional geometric package with abilities for parametrized calculations, solving systems of geometric equations and numerical optimization with automatic differentiation):

  • Some bugfixes


  • Adjusted with some changes in FuncDesigner

For more details visit our site http://openopt.org.

Regards, Dmitrey.

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Hi all, I'm glad to inform you about new quarterly release 0.34 of our free OOSuite package software (OpenOpt, FuncDesigner, SpaceFuncs, DerApproximator) .

Main changes:

Python 3 compatibility

Lots of improvements and speedup for interval calculations

Now interalg can obtain all solutions of nonlinear equation (example) or systems of them (example) in the involved box lb_i <= x_i <= ub_i (bounds can be very large), possibly constrained (e.g. sin(x) + cos(y+x) > 0.5)

Many other improvements and speedup for interalg

See http://forum.openopt.org/viewtopic.php?id=425 for more details.

Regards, D.

(16 Jun '11, 07:39) Dmitrey

Hi all, new release of our free soft (OpenOpt, FuncDesigner, DerApproximator, SpaceFuncs) v. 0.36 is out:


  • Now solver interalg can handle all types of constraints and integration problems
  • Some minor improvements and code cleanup


  • Interval analysis (and thus solver interalg) now can involve min, max and 1-d monotone splines R -> R of 1st and 3rd order
  • Some bugfixes and improvements


  • Some minor changes


  • Some improvements for obtaining derivatives in points from R^n where left or right derivative for a variable is absent, especially for stencil > 1

See http://openopt.org for more details.

Regards, D.

(15 Sep '11, 12:28) Dmitrey

Hi all,

I'm glad to inform you about new release 0.37 (2011-Dec-15) of our free software, see http://openopt.org for details.

Regards, D.

(15 Dec '11, 12:23) Dmitrey

Hi all, I'm glad to inform you about new release 0.38 (2012-March-15):


[interalg][1] can handle discrete variables 
interalg can handle multiobjective problems ([MOP][2])
interalg can handle problems with parameters fixedVars/freeVars
Many interalg improvements and some bugfixes
Add another EIG solver: numpy.linalg.eig
New LLSP solver pymls with box bounds handling


Some improvements for sum()
Add funcs tanh, arctanh, arcsinh, arccosh
Can solve EIG built from derivatives obtained by FD automatic differentiation


Add method point.symmetry(Point|Line|Plane)
Add method LineSegment.middle
Add method Point.rotate(Center, angle)


Minor changes

See more info at http://openopt.org

Regards, D.

(15 Mar '12, 06:31) Dmitrey

Hi all, I'm glad to inform you about new OpenOpt release 0.39 (quarterly since 2007).

OpenOpt is free, even for commercial purposes, cross-platform software for mahematical modeling and (mainstream) optimization. Our website have reached 259 visitors daily, that is same to tomopt.com and ~ 1/3 of gams.com ( details ).

In the new release:

  • interalg (medium-scaled solver with specifiable accuracy abs(f-f*) <= fTol): add categorical variables and general logical constraints, many other improvements
  • Some improvements for automatic differentiation
  • DerApproximator and some OpenOpt/FuncDesigner functionality now works with PyPy (Python with dinamic compilation, some problems are solved several times faster now)
  • New solver lsmr for dense/sparse LLSP (linear least squares)
  • Some bugfixes and some other changes

In our website (openopt.org) you could vote for most required OpenOpt Suite development direction(s).

Regards, D.

(15 Jun '12, 06:19) Dmitrey

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