hi all,

last time I published an announcement about a soft (2 years ago) I had been informed "consensus is to not allow announcements in the Q&A stream" http://www.or-exchange.com/questions/107/ann-openopt-0-27-optimization-funcdesigner-0-17-auto-differentiation/108#108

However, now I see ad about optimJ http://www.or-exchange.com/questions/1101/free-java-based-modeling-language-now-available-for-lp-solve-and-glpk

So, what is official policy about soft releases announcements for now?

Regards, D.

asked 15 Mar '11, 11:29

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Perhaps this is the sort of thing where reputation comes into play. It does bother me when someone who is not part of the community (answering questions, giving advice, guiding people) hops in to advertise. I am much more open to having a low-key announcement by someone who has spent time and effort answering questions.

I hope that people who find it useful to make the very occasional announcement here will spend time here and truly be part of our community, rather than just treat this as a outlet for their goods, permissive license or not.

I hope that within a month we will be on a new site with new software and that may be a good time to formalize some processes.


answered 16 Mar '11, 00:42

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Michael Trick ♦♦
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Agree on reputation based setup.

(16 Mar '11, 07:21) Bo Jensen ♦

Of course the announcement is in the form of a question and it can be voted up or down. So there is some accountability.

(16 Mar '11, 12:44) larrydag 1 ♦

@Larry, I really don't get why we should do that. You can always up or down vote announcements. We have a lot of other "not really" questions already.

(16 Mar '11, 13:05) Bo Jensen ♦

Well, I think the consensus is a bit mixed. I don't think anybody rejected if the announcement came from open source software, but for commercial there were negative reactions. But to the best of my knowledge, there has not been an official announcement on what the rule-set should be yet.

Personally I don't see the big deal about announcement, as long as it is low traffic and is relevant to our field. BUT I am biased, since I might want post a announcement in the near future.

But I certainly agree, we should decide what is permitted.


answered 15 Mar '11, 11:39

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Bo Jensen ♦
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My feeling is that in general an announcement needs to be made in the form of an answer to a question. For example the OptimJ announcement would have been an answer to a question about Optimization software or the like.

(15 Mar '11, 12:45) larrydag 1 ♦

Speaking as someone from the optimization software industry, I think it is hypocritical to allow open source software to announce without letting all relevant software to announce. Either allow both or deny both. Standard disclaimer: these are my personal opinions and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Gurobi Optimization, Inc.

(15 Mar '11, 12:56) Greg Glockner

As I posted in the Java announcement thread, the INFORMS Computing Society policy when I ran that mailing list was that announcements (phrased as information--new release, list of features, etc.) were OK, but that advertising (blatant self-promotion, special deals, etc.) were out of bounds. That generally worked well enough. I don't recall that many borderline incidents.

(15 Mar '11, 13:13) Matthew Salt... ♦

Back then, when that discussion came up first, I was along those who disliked announcements (especially regarding CfPs, incremental software updates etc. - for the simple reason that I didn't see the need for a second DMANET). But as time changes, so do users bases, and therefore: majority opinions. If announcements come along with reasonable descriptions (that is, above and beyond: "We are proud to introduce the world's fastest yada-yada"), I'll tend to vote them up.

(15 Mar '11, 13:39) fbahr ♦

I'm fine with no-hype announcements (open-source or commercial), but I would suggest that the person posting the announcement mark the first reasonable response as an answer, so that the "Community" bot doesn't keep bumping it. Maybe there should also be an "announcement" tag?

(15 Mar '11, 14:24) Paul Rubin ♦♦

@Greg, Yes I also consider it hypocritical, but fact is you often see such opinions in forums. @Matt, also the approach I would suggest, don't make it a problem before it really is.

(15 Mar '11, 15:58) Bo Jensen ♦
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Greg Glockner wrote:

I think it is hypocritical to allow open source software to announce without letting all relevant software to announce. Either allow both or deny both.

I think posting commercial soft announce will raise huge traffic of messages, and some people that definitely haven't any willing to buy it will certainly consider this as annoying spam.

On the other hand, open source software with copyleft licenses, such as GPL, will be mere spam for those, who develop closed-code software. And it also may yield rather huge annoying traffic.

Thus I propose to allow announcements of soft with permissive licenses only, such as MIT and BSD.


answered 15 Mar '11, 20:57

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IMHO this is really flame opinions..OR is not like selling viagra, so I am pretty sure spaming does not work for any commercial vendor. If a company over steps the line, then we block the user. I can really not see the difference in open source vs. commercial in this regard.. What matters is we can control the traffic and relevant information comes our way.

(15 Mar '11, 21:38) Bo Jensen ♦

+1 on making no difference between proprietary, business friendly open source or GPL open source licences. But any soft announcement should clearly state it's license in the first 2 sentences.

(16 Mar '11, 10:42) Geoffrey De ... ♦

Agree with Bo here. If announcements are made, it should not be confined to open-source, irrespective of the type of license.

(18 Mar '11, 15:53) Samik R.
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