In about one month the inaugural session of Modeling Discrete Optimization will begin.

The first motivational lecture can be viewed here.

The course provides a self-contained introduction on using the MiniZinc modeling language to solve a variety of fun puzzles and challenging optimization problems. It leverages a recently developed MiniZinc-IDE to get students off the ground on with very little effort. We have endeavored to make the first few assignments accessible to a very wide audience.

Please spread the word and we hope to see you in class!

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@carleton: Thanks for the announcement. Does the course adopt the constraint programming approach? If so, I'm really interested.

(03 Jul '15, 09:33) Ehsan ♦

@Ehsan the short answer is yes it does.

The long answer is: The course teaches MiniZinc, which is a general purpose modeling language. The philosophy of the course and MiniZinc encourages users to write the problem specification in terms of global constraints and generic constraint functions. However, MiniZinc is independent of any particular solving technology. Indeed, it can compile the same model to both a CP solver or a MIP solver.

(03 Jul '15, 20:07) carleton

@carleton: Thanks.

(04 Jul '15, 00:09) Ehsan ♦

The inaugural session of Modeling Discrete Optimization has just begun. Look forward to seeing you there.


answered 02 Aug '15, 19:12

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