Hi all, I'm glad to inform you about release of OpenOpt 0.27 (numerical optimization framework), FuncDesigner 0.17 (CAS with automatic differentiation, convenient modelling of linear/nonlinear functions, can use convenient modelling for some OpenOpt optimization problems and systems of linear/nonlinear equations, possibly sparse or overdetermined), DerApproximator 0.17 (finite-differences derivatives approximation, get or check user-supplied).

These packages are written in Python language + NumPy; license BSD allows to use it in both free and closed-code soft

See also changelog for details: http://openopt.org/Changelog

Regards, D.

P.S. Please excuse me if the message is beyond allowed ones, I will not post those here any more in the case.

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It would help if you could select one of the answers and click the check mark. Only the poster of the original question can do so; it signals that the question has been answered. Without that, "Community" (a robot) will keep bumping the question to maintain its visibility, which in this case means this announcement will continue to pop up to the top of the list long after you've moved on to subsequent versions of the software.

(22 Apr '10, 14:34) Paul Rubin ♦♦

The question has been closed for the following reason "Other" by fbahr 07 Jul '12, 14:56

I think at this point the consensus is to not allow announcements in the Q&A stream. I'll think of better ways to allow these sort of things.


answered 16 Dec '09, 12:39

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Is it possible to run it in IronPython (with or without IronClad)?


answered 16 Dec '09, 17:58

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Mark ♦
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I know ironclad works with numpy and scipy, but I don't know about OpenOpt. Another way can be using CORBA or ICE. BTW, FYI OpenOpt 0.28 and FuncDesigner 0.18 have been released: http://forum.openopt.org/viewtopic.php?id=222

(16 Mar '10, 19:38) Dmitrey

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