I knew that Hyflex do hyperheuristics on specific problem domains . Also, it is only .jar file and you can not change the instance inside it nor changing the problem domain on it. Please, I am wondering if there is available Hyper-heurisitics open source code in Java or C# or other language.

Thanks in advance

asked 17 Nov '14, 11:04

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Hyperheuristics are on my TODO list for OptaPlanner (java, open source).

Meanwhile there's a workaround as described in the docs chapter 12: use a different solver configuration based on some properties of the dataset. For example: if the dataset has more than 10 000 variables, use Late Acceptance instead of Tabu Search. According to the answers on my previous question, that already constitutes a hyperheuristic.


answered 19 Nov '14, 02:29

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I do not know if it can really be useful in your case, but I have written a library to do Adaptive Large Neighborhood Search (meaning that the heuristics used in a given iteration are selected based on their performance in previous iterations). It is implemented in C++ and available at https://code.google.com/p/alns-framework/

It is not a generic hyper-heuristic library as such, but maybe it can be useful to you (beware that currently the user base is only a few people, so if you run into issues, do not hesitate to contact me).


answered 19 Nov '14, 02:50

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